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Regular headbands assorted Hair bows assorted Gray pearl snood Green extra fancy tichel Browse through our products and treat yourself to a new head covering, or hair accessory.
Welcome to the Tichel Shop. Your one stop - for all head coverings. We have travelled the world handpicking the greatest selection of Israeli tichels. We also carry berets, snoods, pre tied tichels, and head accessories.

Whether you cover your head for religious reasons, hair loss, or any other reason,
let the tichel shop help you do it in style.

Talking about hair style, tichels, berets, snoods and bandanas in every color and style imaginable.

Head coverings in styles and colors to suit your taste. Basic lurex tichels, shimmering tichels, animal print tichels, paisley tichels. Tie-dyed tichels, pretied tichels, plaid tichels, fancy cotton tichels. Solid shimmering tichels, floral tichels, delicate tichels, triangle tichels (bandanas).

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funky beret with style

stylish beret with applique